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Why Visit an ALS Certified Center?

Several studies within the last 10 years have shown that ALS patients who receive a wide range of care at a multidisciplinary clinic have an increased chance of living longer and have an improved mental outlook.

Because ALS impacts physical and psychological functioning in numerous ways, a multidisciplinary team approach to care is the most well-planned and comprehensive approach offered to patients and families.

People living with ALS (PALS) in the Greater New York and Northern and Central New Jersey area that seek expert, multi-disciplinary, patient-centered care need to look no further than our 3 clinics: Beth Israel ALS Center in Manhattan*, Robert Wood Johnson ALS Center* in New Jersey and the ALS Clinic at Stony Brook University Hospital in Long Island.  PALS, caregivers, and other support persons will find that our dedicated health care professionals provide all-encompassing support which is crucial when trying to organize and cope with the numerous challenges of ALS care.
Geared toward helping patients live more productively and independently, the Centers provide a coordinated program of medical treatment, rehabilitation techniques and psychological support in a warm and compassionate environment. Comprehensive assessments, diagnostic and follow-up tests, education and treatment are individualized for each patient. 

Clinic visits, which are scheduled quarterly, consists of time spent with the neurologist, nurse, occupational and physical therapists, speech therapist, nutritionist, respiratory therapist, and social worker, who rotate through the patient's assigned private exam room. This "one-stop shop" approach spares PALS the inconvenience of multiple visits. Medical expertise, prescriptions and referrals are only a phone call or email away for our center patients between visits. Additionally, our PALS have access to cutting edge research and may participate in clinical trials.

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